Functional offices, meeting rooms, inspiring community

Space for development

StartUP Lab is a business space where companies and people develop, share experience and achieve their goals together.

We rethink the work in the office and create special spaces, with the comfort of the home and an individual approach to service and activities for residents.

Business support

Our work is to help you do yours. Recruitment, HR, legal and accounting services and other services - you can take advantage of free consultations or get full support from Workit Consulting experts.
We were inspired by the principles of human-centered design to create a space that is not only beautiful, but also functional. We talked to entrepreneurs and employees of progressive companies, and based on their wishes, we thought out all the details of productive work with a comfortable atmosphere of the house. Work never felt so good.

A space with a soul

Inspiring community

Many of the world's companies have emerged from accidental meetings of the founders. We make such accidents more likely and build a community of those who create something new - entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders.


Need a desk, a small office or a whole headquarters? We will find exactly what to offer you.
Private office
Customization: equip, brand and adjust to changes in your team
Flexible rental conditions
Standing table
Forget about utility bills, office maintenance and other operational tasks
$180 a month
for 1 place
The penthouse office
Lounge area
Open space
Exclusive office with an incredible view of the park. Access to the office area only for your team. Make yourself at home.
Unsecured workspace in the lounge area for those who like to work in an informal setting. Come, choose any place and work. It's simple.
Fixed workstation in open space. Leave your monitor, houseplant or family photo here. Use your a personal locker.
$300 a month
for 1 place
$80 a month
for 1 place
$160 a month
for 1 place

Conditions for residents

We will not talk about printers, as these are the basic conditions for any workplace. In developing space, we have gone much further to create a new level of space and service quality.
Quality furniture
Group yoga
Bicycle parking
Kitchen for every taste
Inside parking
Infinite coffee
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